Our Activities

BOUCHAMAOUI INDUSTRIES is a leading African construction company covering a large spectrum of activities to fulfil EPC projects for production, treatment, storage and transport in the energy sector.

Our Fields of Expertise

Pipeline Construction

LNG Multiproduct Storage facilities

Oil & Gas Installations

High Voltage
Electric Lines

Solar Photovoltaic  System Installations

Vision & Values

Building on a heritage that spans for more than 70 years, we continue to be a family run business with firmly held values, free from external restrictions and pressures. We are supported by a stable and experienced workforce which enables us to provide a personal approach leading to strong customer relationships.

We are committed to ethical business practices and consistently seek to adhere to these principles in all our activities. We always endeavor to be honest and open in our actions and recognize that success is best achieved by establishing good relationships with all stakeholders involved in the projects we undertake.

We are committed to the community we work in and give health, safety and the environment the highest priority in all aspects of our work. We care about our customers and value their business.







At the beginning of the 20th century in the south of Tunisia, Ahmed Bouchamaoui created a civil engineering company in the small village of Bouchamma ( Gabés ).

In 1948, his three sons took over responsibility of the company. Since then BI has continued to develop and expand its activities, not only in Tunisia but also in Libya on number of integrated agricultural projects.

Over the course of the 1970s, the evolution of the company from a building and civil engineering contractor to an industrial contractor in the energy sector was a natural development, given the growth of hydrocarbon activities in Tunisia and its neighboring countries.

Today, Stakeholders of the company are committed to meeting the challenge of continual improvement and maintaining the achievements of the past century.

 Quality and HSSE Systems

Bouchamaoui Industries has continually refined its approach to excellence in Project Management. The Company works closely with each client to develop customized Project plans, to ensure quality, safety, security and timely delivery.

The Company’s workforce is highly specialized and brings a blended mix of experience and qualifications to each project and guarantees each client professional support throughout all phases of a project.

Conforming to ISO standards, the Company develops detailed quality, safety and environmental procedures for each project. The quality plan guarantees that each project meets client and industry standard quality expectations.

The Company has developed integrated project management software that provides every client with advanced cost control and project administration capabilities.

By using a detailed and sophisticated approach to project management, the Company ensures its ability to complete each project on time and on budget.


BI is committed to a successful Safety Management Program that strives to protect our employees, property, customers, contractors and the public. BI’s policy is to promote a safety culture that focuses on continuous improvement of safety in the workplace with a goal to achieve zero accidents or injuries.

Training and focus on leading indicators are the keys to preventing accidents and incidents. Our employees receive extensive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations.

During more than half a century of experience, BI has successfully completed numerous projects with major Clients such as :