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At Bouchamaoui Industries we believe that our success can only be achieved through Customer satisfaction.We aim to excel in our performance and continually provide best value.To achieve these objectives we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality and continuously improving the efficiency of our organization.


Bouchamaoui Industries has continually refined its approach to excellence in Project Management.
The Company works closely with each client to develop customized Project plans, to ensure quality, safety, and timely delivery.

Equipment & Facilities

Bouchamaoui Industries is constantly investing in new equipment and keeping in step with the latest innovation, methods and development in construction.

Human Ressources

In our business, Human Capital make all the difference. We treat each one with equity and equality.
We pride ourseleves on ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right talent to help grow our business.

BOUCHAMAOUI  A&R  INDUSTRIES (BI)   is an internationally recognized construction company covering a large spectrum of activities in North Africa. BI has achieved this position as a result of its commitment to service, quality and safety  –  benefiting clients, employees and shareholders.

BI provides full Engineering, Procurement,   Fabrication and Construction services to  the Oil & Gas Industry, HV Electrical Power Supply and Industrial Installations. This includes a complete and efficient range of services based on our technical ability, vast experience, capability and sophisticated information technology dedicated to integrated project management.


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